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★  Where are you located?

Ealing, West London


★ How / when can I purchase a doll?


Dolls are added to my shop at a scheduled date/time, announced on Instagram, my newsletter (sign up here) . 

Please note that my work usually sells quickly, so you need to be ready at the scheduled time if you don't want to miss out. 

My shop updates are scheduled every weekend, except when I am on a trip / convention. 


★ What is your price range?


Check my shop. There you can see listings with prices. It should automatically detect your location and show the price in your currency under the UK GBP £ price. Prices exclude shipping. 


★ When will a doll be back in stock ?


I don't really 'restock' dolls that you see marked as sold in my shop, because they are all one a kind. A variation of a sold doll could come back to the shop, but it's not guaranteed and wouldn't be an exact copy. 

There  is no way to get an exact copy or the doll once its already sold, so make sure you watch out for updates if there is one particular doll you want. 



★ Why is your shop empty / why is everything sold out?    


My dolls usually sell quickly after they are added to the shop. And because everything is handmade, I cannot offer many dolls per month (this makes them extra special!). 

I always announce the next date and time of a shop update in the banner at the very top of every page on this website, on Instagram and in my newsletter (sign up here). 


★ I saw a doll on your Instagram/TikTok that I want - is it for sale?


Read the caption of the Instagram post or check my shop. Not there? Then unfortunately, no. 


★ Can I place a custom order?

Yes! Send me an email via the contact form, and send me you ideas! If the idea excites me and I find it doable   and will fit within my schedule, I will let you know.Bear in mind that I cannot guarantee a yes, one thing I learned about commissions is not to say YES to everything. It has to be a project I am equally passionate about. 


★ I was too slow to get a doll, any tips?


You can make an account on my website beforehand (click here for help with that) and add your payment info in advance to help with a speedy checkout. 



★ What are these dolls, and what are they made off?


The dolls that you see on my website are customised Blythe Dolls (official releases, modified to be one of a kind art doll).


The original Blythe Doll was designed by Allison Katzman of Marvin Glass Associates and distributed by Kenner (which was later sold to Hasbro, and now by Good Smile Co.), the original Blythe doll was released in the United States in 1972. Their  eyes changed color when you pulled a string at the back of her head.


There are different sizes :


★ Neo Blythe - 28.5 cm tall

★Middle Blythe -20 cm tall

★Petite Blythe - 11 cm tall


And recently, there’s a new addition called ★ Popmart Blythe - around 14-16cm tall.


They are made of plastic.
When I customise them, They are more or  less the same ( some plastic carved off ), or when I say a particular doll is sculpted, it is modded with apoxie clay to give it the unique facial features that it has.




★ Can they stand?


My dolls cannot stand on their own, but there are stands designed specifically to help them. 


They can all technically stand for a quick photo if they're leaning against a wall and standing on a non-slippery surface, but keep in mind  this is all at your own risk.



★ How fragile are they?


Every doll is a piece of art and they need to be carefully played with. Although they mainly or collecting purposes, making them sturdy is still a big priority for me. I reinforce the neck pieces ( because Blythe Dolls have  big heads).


When posing your doll, always make sure to grab it firmly by the joints , and if you feel its stable enough, then you can let go.  In general, the main thing you should be careful with is the face.  It could scratch off if it comes in contact with your nails, a sharp object or rough surface.



★ Can I bring your dolls  on adventures with me?


Yes, of course! It will be amazing to see them going on new adventures. 


Just be mindful, because they are mini sculptures / pieces of art, extra care is necessary. The paint doesn't immediately chip off if it falls over on a smooth table but a rough surface like brick could do a little damage. 



★ Do you repeat designs?


I would rather not, because my dolls are in fact one of a kind. I can understand that some repeat designs, because they are handmade they always have different personalities regardless. But if you're waiting for me to repeat something - don't, because you might be waiting forever. Your best bet is to ask for a custom order, which can be done if schedule permits it. 


★ Do they come with a certificate of authenticity?

Yes, this is something that I have added recently. They will now l come with a little card that shows the base doll, a unique number, the date when it was completed and my signature .


My brand is also seen at the backplate of the doll. 


★ How do I pay? 


My website accepts credit / debit cards, Apple Pay, Paypal , Klarna (you have to go thru regular check out and this option will show in the end) .


I know Paypal is also a quick option, but keep in mind you'd be doing me a big favor by picking a different option if you're able to, because of the high fees they have.


★ Do you accept Lay away?


Klarna is the best way to do it, but if you want to do it via the old school way, you can send me a message via chat , or email me at


A non refundable deposit is required to avoid time wasters, then the balance can be paid via PayPal Invoice , within 6-8 weeks or the time frame we both agreed upon. 



Upon receiving your shipping confirmation, please allow up to 24 - 48 hours for receipt of tracking information (this only applies to ready-stock orders). You may track your item by clicking the tracking number provided in the email. Note that there will be no updates if your parcel is in transit. 


  • It will  take up to 24-72 hours to process all orders. 

  • Orders have an estimated delivery timeframe within 2-1 business days for Express Shipping and 5-7 business days for Standard Shipping, upon dispatch, to all countries that we deliver to. All express orders will be shipped via courier and standard Shipping will be sent via Royal Mail with Direct Line shipping (passed to local postal provider upon arrival at destination country).

  • Orders can be sent worldwide, with over 40+ countries with the exemption of Russia at the moment, and we cannot deliver to PO Boxes.

  • Please note delivery times to recipient may be affected by the jurisdiction of individual customs clearances and regulations (though we wouldn't wish this on anyone). For some countries thus, delivery times may be longer than our standard indicated delivery time frame.

  • It is your responsibility to track your order ( provided you paid for tracked shipping service) , if your order did not arrive after a reasonable amount of time, and you fear that the parcel was lost on transit, please contact me here,

     and I will do my best to assist you. 


While I take active steps and measures to ensure that your parcel is free from customs and duties upon dispatch and have covered all available customs and duties from origin of dispatch, I cannot guarantee that your parcel will be free from customs and duties as I have no control over these charges as it varies from country to country.

I would advise getting in touch with your local customs bureau to inquire on current charges so as to not receive an unexpected surprise when the parcel arrives!


In cases where parcels do get sent back to us due to the wrong delivery address or you weren't able to receive the parcel,  I would contact you regarding reshipping and will ask for a reshipping fee ,depending on the shipping method you chose


Due to the hand made nature of the items for sale on this website, all listings will include the description of what to expect regarding the state of each collectible art doll + accessories. Please bear this in mind before purchase as there is a no return / refund policy on one of a kind items.

Should there be any issues / damage on the shipment - please send me an inquiry via the contact form and I will be happy to help.

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