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it was lovely to see everyone,

thank you & i hope to see you again next time!

Anti-Valentine Event





your virtual

goodie bag


Spirit Jersey



dolly pop dolls

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Anti- Valentine Event Guide Preview


1.  How do I access the Zoom event?

You will receive  an event ticket via email as soon as you register for the event. From there., you can simply scan the QR code on the ticket to gain access to the Zoom meet, 

or click to join using the link below:

Meeting ID: 826 5634 1567

No Password required, but you will have to queue at the waiting room. 

2.  Where can I find the PDF guide and Virtual Goodie Bag?

Please click on the downloadable link above ( located on this page) . 

Check occasionally as the Virtual Goodie Bag will be updated with digital goodies as contributions from other artists comes along. 

3.  What games can I expect during the event?

Get ready for fun icebreakers, an Anti-Valentine Daily Challenge with a photo contest, Oliver's Anti-Valentine Challenge, An on-the-spot dolly challenge, and Movie Emoji Charades!

4. How can I participate in the photo contest?

Join the Anti-Valentine Daily Challenge from February 4-10. Each day has a unique theme (slap day, kick day, perfume day, flirt day, confession day, missing day, break-up day). Submit your entries for a chance to win! Details will be posted on IG and winners will be announced at the event.

5. How do I access the artist shop links?

Navigate to the Event Exclusive Web Page using the exclusive password. There, you'll find a dropdown menu and a dedicated page for participating artists with clickable shop links. Or simply click below.

6. Will there be a raffle?

Absolutely! Depending on your ticket tier, you'll receive raffle tickets for various prizes - amazing pieces donated by our dear artist friends, some main prizes, like a custom made bomber jacket in velvet marble, AND a chance to win a specially crafted Anti-Valentine Secret Doll Custom Neo Blythe doll by SplatterGirl.

A full list of Prizes will be available a week before the event. We just need to give time for our artist friends to create amazing pieces, and for this, we are grateful!

Anti-Valentine Event

Click on the icon

to download


Anti-valentine Event


Download your virtual

goodie bag


Anti- Valentine Event Guide Preview


Spirit Jersey


by dolly pop dolls

7.  Where are my raffle tickets? 

The appropriate number of tickets will automatically be assigned to your name / email during your event ticket purchase. Number varies depending on the ticket option you chose. 


  • Sassy Singleton Ticket - Includes 1 raffle ticket for the Main Prize.

  • Rogue Heartbreaker Pass - Includes 4 raffle tickets for the Main Prize.

  • Rebel Cupid Access - Includes 7 raffle tickets for the Main Prize.

8.  Can I win prizes if I'm not present for the draw?

To win the community donated raffle prizes, attendance is not included. However for the main prize, the Anti-Valentine Secret Doll, all participants must be present to be eligible to win. A live unboxing is to follow immediately after . 

9.  Where can I buy additional raffle tickets?

Additional raffle tickets will be available and can be purchased at £2 each. 

CLICK HERE to purchase. 

10. How do I know if I won anything and do I need to pay for any shipping fees? 

  • It will be announced at the event, and we will also reach out to you via email or IG.

  • Shipping fees will be graciously covered by the raffle prize donor / provider.

11.  Will there be a break and for how long will it be? 

We'll take a short break after the Q&A for about 20 minutes. Enough time to stretch, grab a snack, and prepare for the exciting second half!

12. I can’t stay for the whole duration of the event, will it be recorded?

Yes! We know there’s a possibility that something will come up and cannot be there or leave early, so we got you covered. A full recording of the event will be uploaded on YouTube a couple of days after the event. A link will be posted there and n IG.

In behalf of the amazing team who supports this online event, thanks for giving us another chance to provide you with a different dolly play date experience!

See you all soon!

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