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Let me introduce little miss Coraline Crabbington - I chose that name over the original “Crabby Patty” because this doll insists she is Bri’ish.

She has red curly hair that's practically a mini explosion of chaos. She loves this crab-shaped hat, that she rocks like it's the hottest fashion trend in Blythe town. Why a crab? Because that's her ride-or-die sea creature, her spirit animal or spirit crustacean, I guess.

Now, Coraline's not your typical petite - she's got more drama in her than a soap opera marathon. So, she's a Cancerian, and don't you forget it. The kind that'll insist you call her "Madame Crabbington" like she's royalty or something.

Coraline thinks The Great Blythe Race, is an actual race. Coraline's all in, training her crab like legs like it's the Olympics. She's got this diet she calls "sea air," which is basically her just being a goofball. Race day comes, and she realised she just need to pose for pretty pictures, and she is fine with that.

She didn’t win the race, but who cares? I hope you enjoy Coraline’s back story , and she will keep living her best crabby life, forever known as Madame Crabbington.


Base : Asian Butterfly "key-ring" petite, so I changed her body with one that has moving arms.

Work done : Face was sculpted to give her chubby cheeks, airbrushed and face up sealed with MSC.

Hair : Handmade mohair wig, very soft and fluffy

Coraline Crabbington


Summer Clearance

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