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First Look : Unveiling Little Rosie!

Exciting news awaits art toy enthusiasts as i proudly introduce 'Little Rosie' – a whimsical creation inspired by the upcoming Wonderland of Play event in Brugge this June 2024. The journey to bring this charming character to life has been an artistic adventure, and I am thrilled to share that 'Little Rosie' is ready for her grand debut!

What sets 'Little Rosie' apart is her unique design – a two-piece marvel that seamlessly attaches and detaches through a magnetic connection. This innovative feature adds a playful twist, inviting you to enjoy interactive moments and capture stunning photographs of this enchanting art toy.

Stay tuned for the official pre-order announcement, where you'll have the chance to secure your own 'Little Rosie.'

Embrace the magic of creativity, play, and imagination with this limited edition art toy.

Details on pre-orders, pickup options at the event, and delivery straight to your doorstep will be unveiled shortly.

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