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NOTE : She will be included on the Secret Doll book as a part of the story I am working on, featuring our very frist secret boy Jaxon!


I made a backround story for her,  based on her personality



Here's a peek!!


Character Description :


Rowan "Rebel" 

Meaning: "Rowan" is a unisex name associated with the rowan tree, symbolising strength.


  • Who They Are: Rowan, also known as Rebel, is the fearless and expressive artist who believes in challenging norms. She's the one with a sketchpad in hand, ready to turn any moment into a masterpiece.
  • What They Love in Life: Rowan is fascinated by street art and loves creating visual stories that challenge societal expectations. She finds inspiration in the vibrant street art scenes of London and is able to translate them into poems and song lyrics. 
  • Daily Ritual: Rowan starts her day by sketching a quick doodle, allowing her mind to wander and capture the essence of her thoughts. It's her way of translating emotions into art and songs. 
  • Best Quality: Rowan's best quality is her fearlessness in expressing herself. She encourages the group to embrace individuality and celebrates the beauty in breaking conventions.





  • She  is a custom SBL base blythe doll on a modified OB 24 body. 
  • Her neck has been reinforced by quality metal neck joint which tilts.
  • Her hair is a mohair / hard cap wig  
  • She has modified and sculpted face, but its made of plastic so it's light .
  • She is a custom , so please expect little imperfections.
  • She will travel carefully packed on her own sturdy box complete with a full outfit.


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