WIN Oliver!  ⭐️

My travelling Blythe boy Oliver has about 4 hosts left on his adventure and will be coming back to me soon . (Date TBA)

If you haven’t followed his adventures yet his fb page is:

I am beginning to prepare the thank you package for his wonderful hosts and he will be given away at the end of his journey.

Anyone who did not have a chance to host him can have a chance to win him by purchasing a pin (Oliver and  Lemon) Via

Each pin entitles the purchaser 10 raffle tickets. 

I will announce the date of the draw which I will do live on my FB. 

Proceeds will go towards the following:

1. Oliver’s shipping fee to the winner
2. Thank you packages for the hosts
3. The remaining money will be donated to a special needs school in my community (Springhallow School).

I will make sure everyone will know how much was donated to the school and I am personally thanking everyone who has been following Oliver and will be donating to this cause. 


If we will have a successful outcome , maybe next time I’ll make a travelling SplatterGirl. 👱🏻‍♀️☺️💕

Oliver - hard enamel pin badge