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NOTE : She will be included on the Secret Doll book as a part of the story I am working on, featuring our very frist secret boy Jaxon!


I made a background story for her,  based on her personality


Here's a peek!!


Character Description :


Maeve "Blitz" 

Meaning: name associated with intoxicating and rebellious qualities

  • Who They Are: Maeve, known as Blitz, is the energetic and spirited Irish drummer who brings an undeniable energy to the group. Her love for rhythm is infectious, and her laughter echoes through every practice session.
  • What They Love in Life: Maeve has a passion for Irish folklore and enjoys exploring the mystical side of her culture. She's known for telling captivating stories inspired by ancient legends.
  • Daily Ritual: Maeve starts her day with a traditional Irish breakfast, embracing the flavours of her heritage. She believes it's essential to stay connected to her roots, even in the midst of a bustling city.
  • Best Quality: Maeve's best quality is her ability to infuse the group with boundless energy. Her drumming not only sets the pace for their music but also creates an atmosphere of pure joy.



  • She  is a custom Urban Cowgirl blythe doll on a modified OB 24 body. 
  • Her neck has been reinforced by quality metal neck joint which tilts.
  • Her hair is a  an AKA7 Blythe scalp
  • She has modified and sculpted face, but its made of plastic so it's light .
  • She is a custom , so please expect little imperfections.
  • She will travel carefully packed on her own sturdy box complete with a full outfit.


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