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NOTE : She will be included on the Secret Doll book as a part of the story I am working on, featuring our very frist secret boy Jaxon!


I made a background story for her,  based on her personality


Here's a peek!!


Character Description :

Lola: The Melodic Rebel


  • Meaning of Name: Lola, often associated with strong and bold personalities, fitting for our rebellious gothic punk enthusiast.
  • Who She Is: Lola is the heartbeat of the Rebel Rhythm crew, an unapologetic e-girl with a passion for gothic punk aesthetics. Her bold presence adds a dash of rebellion to the artistic ensemble.
  • What She Loves in Life: Lola is deeply enamored with the raw and unfiltered emotions expressed through gothic punk music. Her love for creating art that challenges norms and embraces the darker side of life makes her a true rebel.
  • Daily Ritual: Every day, Lola immerses herself in a playlist of her favorite gothic punk anthems, sketching rebellious designs in her notebook. She finds inspiration in the shadows, transforming ordinary moments into edgy works of art.
  • Best Quality: Lola's best quality lies in her fearlessness. Whether it's challenging societal norms through her artistic expression or standing up against conventional expectations, Lola fearlessly embraces her individuality, inspiring her friends to do the same. She's the vivacious spirit that propels Rebel Rhythm into uncharted musical territories.



  • She  is a custom Sunshine Holiday base blythe doll on a modified OB 24 body. 
  • Her neck has been reinforced by quality metal neck joint which tilts.
  • Her hair is a unique two toned factory scalp.
  • She has modified and sculpted face, but its made of plastic so it's light .
  • She is a custom , so please expect little imperfections.
  • She will travel carefully packed on her own sturdy box complete with a full outfit.


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