Little Lola is looking for her mum/ dad 🥰


She is a Custom popmart issued blythe girl, on her original articulated body.

Her face up was applied using pan pastel, water colour pencils and then sealed with Mr. Super Clear UV cut flat.

She has new lashes and i used a pair of smart doll 16cmm glass eyes to replace her plastic ones.

She also had a hair spa and a little trim .


She is a custom doll so she will not be factory perfect.


Important notice :

Her body has slight marks / stain from her stock outfit , the red stewardess number. unfortunately , I've noticed all pop art Blythe 

(first  release) has the same marks. 

I sanded some of the off,  but there are still some left. You can only notice them when she’s in the nude.

OUTFIT:She can wear fab obitsu 11 sized clothing and her outfit on the photo is by Seamstress Kaycee - she will travel home wearing the exact same clothe


I will send her via courier (tracked) .