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NOTE : She will be included on the Secret Doll book as a part of the story I am working on, featuring our very frist secret boy Jaxon!


I made a background story for her,  based on her personality.





Here's a peek!


Character Description :


  • Meaning of Name: Emiko, a name that exudes warmth and friendliness, perfectly aligning with her "girl next door" charm.
  • Who She Is: Emiko is the heart and soul of Rebel Rhythm, embodying the essence of the girl next door. Her easygoing nature and genuine kindness create a comforting atmosphere within the group.
  • What She Loves in Life: Emiko finds joy in life's simple pleasures. She loves the sound of laughter, the beauty of everyday moments, and the warmth of genuine connections. Her musical taste is as diverse as her friendships, ranging from indie tunes to electronic beats.
  • Daily Ritual: Emiko's daily ritual involves enjoying a cup of tea or coffee while strumming on her acoustic guitar. It's a peaceful moment where she lets the melodies flow, expressing the beauty she finds in the ordinary.
  • Best Quality: Emiko's best quality is her relatability. Her down-to-earth nature and ability to appreciate the little things in life make her the glue that binds Rebel Rhythm. She brings a sense of familiarity and comfort, making everyone feel like they belong. Emiko's the girl next door who adds a touch of sweetness to the rebellious symphony of the band





  • She  is a custom Night Flower blythe doll on a modified OB 24 body. 
  • Her neck has been reinforced by quality metal neck joint which tilts.
  • She is a custom , so please expect little imperfections.
  • She will travel carefully packed on her own sturdy box complete with a full outfit.


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