Fabric size - 100 x 50 cm.


Featuring Bunny and friends with a lovely brocade backdrop - this design was created with doll collectors and hobbyist in mind.


The pattern will be printed in small scale, perfect for making miniature doll clothing.


Fabric Options : 


  1. Jersey Stretch 160gsm - Jersey is a good all-weather fabric; it is highly breathable and works well for many people who prefer a cotton-feel garment. Design your own jersey knit fabric with a strong, mid-weight feel, that is resistant to shrinking, stretching, mildew and creasing. A slightly absorbent quick-dry material with a long-lasting vibrant print.
  2. Silk Sensation (poly) 90gsm -This Silk Sensation fabric is a gorgeously smooth poly blend, with a satin weave construct that is solid once finished. It has a soft lustre and is lightweight with a delicate feel, however, this is a practical fabric that is easy to care for. Silk Sensation fabric printing is ideal for accessories such as scarves, and garments such as dresses, skirts, and tops.
  3. Organic Cotton Poplin 135 gsm - This tightly woven textile is fairly opaque for its weight, with little show-through of the print on the reverse side, and is very taut all over.  A wonderfully soft-washed finish and super strong washed fastness makes it the ideal fabric.  Reactive print produces vibrant colours and deeper blacks.
  4.  Cotton Satin 172 gsm - The weight of this printed Cotton Satin fabric is also well suited for autumnal and spring garments, such as light jackets or trousers. Since it's hypoallergenic, this custom printed cotton fabric could also be used for pyjamas.

Bunny Brocade Dark