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Junie Moon's 2018 Lucky bag

This year I was lucky enough to get a fukubukuro or Japanese Lucky bag from Junie Moon.

They had 3 Tiers :

June Moon Lucky Bag- 100,000 JPY (Blythe Doll & Zakka) Contents: 2 Neo Blythe, 1 Middie Blythe, 2 Petite Blythe, approximately 27 pieces of Blythe goods. Price: 100,000 yen

June Moon Lucky Pack- 50,000 JPY (Blythe Doll & Zakka ) Contents: 1 Neo Blythe, 1 Middie Blythe, approximately 18 pieces of Blythe goods Price: 50,000 JPY

Junie Moon Dollywear Set Lucky Bag- 13,000 JPY Contents: 5 sets of Junie Moon Dollywear * Neo and Middie both included at random. Price: 13,000 JPY

Since its a Lucky bag, I wouldn't know for sure which dolls I will receive. For me it adds to the excitement, as I have started collecting stock dolls, I know that there may be some expensive, old releases included.

My husband encouraged me to get the top tier, and for the price, I think it was definitely worth it.

I uploaded an unboxing video at youtube, if you want to know what I got, have a look at the video below. :)

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