• Ayin

London Meet-up with Blythe Friends

A while back, I joined a facebook group called Blythe Swappin' . It as been always a lovely and fun experience fro me, swapping blythe goodies with a somebody from the other side of the world.

I "met" Sabrina ( Y.O.B.B.) through the group and after exchanging messages back and forth, we knew there is a genuine friendship there.

Just yesterday, I met her for the first time, she flew from Mallorca to London just to see me!

We talked Blythe, exchanged some lovely gifts and went to Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland. It was more fun 'cos Filipa (Little Matilda Atelier) joined us. She is a very talented (and kind) fellow blythe customiser from London.

It was a short but a wonderful visit from a dear friend.

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